Midweek Update: Nominating Church Leaders

By Dr. Todd Smedley / September 16, 2020

Dr. Todd Smedley interviews Steve Liston and Ted Smith, Chair and Vice-Chair of the Nominating Committee, respectively.

Midweek Update: Community Groups

By Rev. Thomas Myrick / September 9, 2020

Rev. Thomas Myrick and Fourth member Dennis Goo discuss small group life as we enter a new semester of Community Groups.

Midweek Update: Sunday Services Survey Results

By Dr. Todd Smedley / September 2, 2020

As promised, today’s video includes the results of the Sunday Services Survey. Thank you to everyone, over 550 of you, who filled it out and provided some great feedback.

Midweek Update: Trust in the Lord

By Dr. Todd Smedley / August 26, 2020

The greatest obstacle to trust is fear. May you trust in the Lord and delight in him this day.

Midweek Update: Demonstrating His Grace

By Dr. Todd Smedley / August 19, 2020

This morning, I want to draw your attention to the middle phrase on our bulletin each week, “Demonstrating His Grace”. One of the reasons we put that phrase front and center is because our world is in desperate need of this moral ingredient.

Midweek Update: Learning to Lament

By Dr. Todd Smedley / August 12, 2020

This Sunday, we begin a new five-week sermon series entitled “Learning to Lament”.

Midweek Update: The Welfare of the City

By Rev. Ron Meyer / August 5, 2020

Learn more about Samaritan Inns, a mercy ministry helping our neighbors who face life’s toughest challenges, including homelessness and addiction.

Midweek Update: Perspective in the Pandemic

By Rev. Thomas Myrick / July 29, 2020

Perspective in the Pandemic: How did Christians in former generations endure prolonged periods of significant change?

Midweek Update: Sunday Services Survey

By Dr. Todd Smedley / July 22, 2020

One of our highest priorities and greatest delights is to worship the Lord together Sunday after Sunday. Today, I invite you to fill out a brief survey.

Midweek Update: Pray for the Fourth Fellows Launch

By Dr. Todd Smedley / July 15, 2020

On August 23, 12 men and women arrive who have entrusted themselves to Fourth’s community for the coming year. This is exciting, but there is also a lot of work to be done before the fellows arrive.

Midweek Update

By Dr. Todd Smedley / July 8, 2020

Today, I share with you a word of encouragement from Hebrews 7:24-25 that I hope reminds you of God’s faithfulness during this time.

Midweek Update

By Dr. Todd Smedley / June 24, 2020

In lieu of a video devotional, I have been preparing a letter to you about the impact of racism and racial injustice within our own community of faith. It’s a weighty topic and one we must squarely face.