“And he gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the shepherds and teachers, to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ, until we all attain to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God.” —Ephesians 4:11-13

Senior Pastor’s Office

Dr. Todd M. Smedley

Senior Pastor

301-320-3600 x 205

Sallie Holdrich

Executive Assistant to the Senior Pastor

301-320-3600 x 205


Rev. Corey Gray

Pastor of Administration

301-320-3600 x 212

Juan Arieta

Building Superintendent

301-320-3600 x 226

Noel Bradley

Administrative Assistant

301-320-3600 x 234

Carolyn Gwadz


301-320-3600 x 200

Gina Hardiman

Content & Copy Editor

301-320-3600 x 262

Jennifer Horst

Media Assistant

301-320-3600 x 211

Rebecca Sparks-Korossy

Database Administrator

301-320-3600 x 206

Sandy Long

Office Administrator

301-320-3600 x 248
photo of Doug Sanders (headshot)

Doug Sanders

Facility Manager

301-320-3600 x 226

Susana Mercado


301-320-3600 x 224
photo of Don Nalle (headshot)

Don Nalle

Director of Communications

301-320-3600 x 208
photo of Dave Morse (headshot)

Dave Morse

Audio-Visual Technician

Genna Repich

Communications Coordinator

301-320-3600 x 231
photo of Victor Ramirez (headshot)

Victor Toj Ramirez

Custodial Staff

Photo of Ana Toj Garcia (headshot)

Ana Toj Garcia

Custodial Staff

Adult Ministry

Rev. David Frerichs

Pastor of Young Adults

301-320-3600 x 261
photo (headshot) of Thomas Myrick

Rev. Thomas Myrick

Pastor of Congregational Life

301-320-3600 x 204
Photo of Dr. Robert Norris

Dr. Robert Norris

Teaching Pastor

301-320-3600 x 265

Jean Bronson

Director of Women’s Ministry

301-320-3600 x 275

Kathy Lofberg

Administrative Assistant

301-320-3600 x 265

Jenn Redd

Co-Director, Fourth Fellows Program

301-320-3600 x 265
photo of Sam Eligwe (headshot)

Sam Eligwe

Pastoral Intern


Kevin Schick

Director of Counseling

301-320-3600 x 267

Jessica Schick


301-320-3600 x 202

Family Ministry

Rachel Andre

Middle School Director

301-320-3600 x 210

Brad Way

High School Director

301-320-3600 x 213

Paige Malkus

Director of Children’s Ministry

301-320-3600 x 218

Marce Bettridge

Children's Ministry Coordinator

301-320-3600 x 219

Taylor Bradley

Interim High School Coordinator

Adam Huie

Interim Middle School Coordinator


Fred Lofberg

Director of Finance

301-320-3600 x 239

Sherri Menkis

Finance Assistant

301-320-3600 x 228
photo of Carol Menkis (headshot)

Carol Menkis

Finance Assistant

301-320-3600 x 228


Janie Randell

Director of Missions & Outreach

301-320-3600 x 286


photo of Ted Bickish (headshot)

Ted Bickish

Director of Music

301-320-3600 x 207

Mary Clark

Director of Instrumental Music

301-320-3600 x 203

Wyeth Duncan

Assistant Director of Music and Organist

301-320-3600 x 209

Erin Jones

Music Administrative Assistant

301-320-3600 x 209