“Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” (Romans 12:2)
It's our privilege as a church to grow in our knowledge of God together. We are passionate about coming together to study God’s Word as well as Systematic Theology, Biblical Theology, Church History, Practical Theology, and Apologetics. Come study with us!

Spring Semester Class Schedule
January 15–May 14, 2023

All classes meet during Sunday School hour • 9:30–10:30 a.m.

Christ Over All: Studies in the Book of Hebrews
Taught by Dr. Todd M. Smedley, Dr. Scott Redd, and others • The Upper Room
This class will study God's plan of redemption, fulfilled in the love, glory, and humanity of Jesus Christ, the promised Messiah. Find the class schedule and reading list here.

Apologetics:  The Christian Worldview
Taught by Brad Jefferies • Room 131
This class will examine Scripture to understand the theological truths comprising the Christian worldview so that we might be better prepared to engage in apologetic discourse with non-Christians.

Confessing Christ
Taught by Dirk Rankin and others • Room 132
This class will study the Confession of Faith of the Calvinistic Methodists of Wales, examining its relationship to the current theological context.

Young Adult Class: Lament and Joy
Taught by David Frerichs and others • Room 142 (Chapel)
During the weeks leading up to Easter, we'll look at passionate expressions of grief and sorrow in Scripture, including some Psalms of Lament and the book of Lamentations. After Easter, we'll examine the place of joy in a world still marked by many sorrows. Join others in their 20s and 30s for this time of fellowship, prayer, and growth together.

Spring Partial Semester Classes

New Members
Taught by pastors

January 15–February 26 • Room 130
Whether you are new or have attended Fourth for some time, you're invited to get to know the church better and prayerfully consider becoming a member. Visit the Membership & Baptism page to learn more.

Bible Overview: New Testament
Taught by Robin King and Kent Talbert

March 5–May 14 • Room 130
This class explores major New Testament themes with corresponding book names and key Scripture points that support them. You can download the class outline here.

Looking for past pastors' and Adult Class lectures? Visit the Classes & Seminars page.