When weather conditions lead to cancellations or delays, notice will be posted here.
A banner on the homepage will point to this page as well.

When will Fourth Presbyterian Church close due to weather?

In the event of severe weather, announcements will be made on the church website, telephone system, Facebook, and Instagram.

Sunday Worship

Sunday morning worship will be held even in very inclement weather. Several pastors live within walking distance of the church and will be present to greet and lead worship. The schedule of services may be reduced if conditions necessitate.

Weekday Programs

Weekday Programs (including off-site) for adults, children, and youth follow Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS).

  • Daytime programs will be canceled if MCPS closes or delays due to weather
  • Evening programs will be canceled if MCPS is closed or cancels after-school activities

Church Building and Offices

The church building, ministry offices, and church activities will follow the Federal Government Operating Status. If the federal government is closed, the church offices will also be closed and all activities will be canceled. We will also recognize delayed openings.

With all severe weather closures, we will make every effort to use all means of communication to inform the congregation. Please refer to our email notifications and Facebook announcements, as well as the church telephone system. Please exercise wise judgment when considering driving in inclement weather.