The Lord’s Day, August 29

By Don Nalle / August 29, 2021

In this morning’s Prayer of Confession, we will acknowledge the weight of our sins against God and the wonder that, through Christ’s perfect sacrifice on the cross, they will not stand against us

The Lord’s Day, August 22

By Don Nalle / August 22, 2021

May the Lord give each of us grace to know the depth and richness of all that we sing, pray, confess, and hear preached this day.

An Invitation to Our Fall Programs

By Dr. Todd Smedley / August 17, 2021

Dear Fourth Church Family: I am so excited to let you know we are only three weeks away from the start of our fall ministry programs for all ages.

The Lord’s Day, August 15

By Don Nalle / August 15, 2021

Verse three of this morning’s Old Testament reading, Isaiah 55:1–3, captures some of the blessing and promise we will find in the Lord as we gather in his name this Sabbath day…

The Lord’s Day, August 8

By Don Nalle / August 8, 2021

In case you missed it, see Todd’s email from yesterday with a word about the Montgomery County temporary mask mandate. As he mentioned, we continue to benefit as a church from the counsel of a group of medical and health research professionals who are also members of Fourth.

Photo of Sandra McCracken with guitar

Evening Hymn Sing – August 29

By Don Nalle / August 7, 2021

Make plans to conclude August on a high note by joining in a unique evening led by singer-songwriter and hymn writer Sandra McCracken and her husband Tim Nicholson, Director of Music at Covenant Presbyterian Church, Nashville.

Lunch Is on Me

By Dave Morse / August 1, 2021

The Lord’s Day, August 1

By Don Nalle / August 1, 2021

Our prelude for the morning service is an instrumental arrangement of “Be Still My Soul”. Its lyrics, penned by Katharina von Schlegel over 270 years ago, speak comfort and strength to our souls…