Week-at-a-Glance & Announcements

By Gina Hardiman / July 16, 2024

A calendar of events for the coming week plus the latest announcements from the ministries of Fourth.

Fourth’s Partnership with Cornerstone School

By John T. Oliver / July 15, 2024

“Cornerstone to me is a family and a place of refuge every day… I am so blessed to be able to go here.”

Assistive Listening System

By Susan Kemp / June 18, 2024

This assistive listening system makes a profound difference in worship for those hard of hearing, providing a more comfortable experience for the listener.

Ministry in South Sudan

By Dr. Robert Norris / June 10, 2024

The vision, so powerfully proclaimed at that Sunday evening service years ago, has borne fruit amidst much pain and loss.

Support Groups at Fourth

By Rev. Corey Gray / May 30, 2024

In any given week, there are multiple support groups meeting at Fourth or online which strive to help those in our midst who are navigating particular life challenges.

New in the Library

By Jennifer Horst / May 6, 2024

Fourth’s Library has always been a pleasant place to study, browse, or relax with a good read, and now it’s also a safer environment for the books.

Change to the Lord’s Prayer

By Dr. Todd Smedley / April 5, 2024

To bring the language of the Lord’s Prayer into closer conformity with the language of Scripture, this week Fourth’s pastors and Session approved changing the wording of one phrase in the Lord’s Prayer.

Meet our new Pastor of Outreach

By Susan Kemp / March 13, 2024

Last month Fourth received its newest pastor, Dr. Isaiah Nengean, the first to serve in the newly created position of Pastor of Outreach.

Resources for Holy Week

By Susan Kemp / February 21, 2024

As we look ahead to Holy Week, here are some resources chosen by Fourth pastors to help prepare our hearts and minds for the season.

photo of congregation from the balcony

Annual Meeting of the Congregation

By Susan Kemp / January 23, 2024

All church members are encouraged to stay after the 11:00 a.m. service February 4, 12:30 p.m., to vote on the 2024 budget and candidates for church office.

Don’t Miss Your Connection: Missions Conference, October 20–25

By Susan Kemp / September 19, 2023

When Missions Director Janie Randell was serving as a nurse in the jungles of Papua, Indonesia, years ago, a fellow missionary’s child needed surgery that required flying halfway around the globe…

Meet the Fellows Class of 2023-24

By Susan Kemp / September 12, 2023

During last Sunday’s morning services, we were pleased to welcome the new class of Fourth Fellows into our congregation. They’d just returned from the Fellows Opening Retreat, where they spent…