Assistive Listening System

When Fourth Church’s Sanctuary was renovated in 2023, some improvements were evident at first blush, such as all new windows, new pulpit, and gleaming refurbished pews. But one important upgrade lies out of view, beneath the polished hardwood floors: an audio induction loop system for hearing assistance. This assistive listening system makes a profound difference in worship for those with hearing aids, providing a more comfortable experience for the listener.

What’s a Hearing Loop?

The audio induction system, commonly called a hearing loop, consists of bands of copper cable installed beneath the Sanctuary flooring and an induction loop amplifier. The Sanctuary’s microphones connect to amplifiers which process the audio signal and transmit it to the loop cable. This electromagnetic signal is then received wirelessly by hearing aids and cochlear implants equipped with a telecoil (or T-coil).

How To Tune In?

To use the assistive listening system, all one needs to do is switch his or her hearing aid or cochlear implant to the “T” (telecoil) setting. Doing this enables the device to pick up clear, noise-free, and amplified transmission from just the microphones, rather than including the amplification of other ambient sounds.

Devices differ, but usually switching to the “T” setting can be done on the ear-level device, via a phone app, or with a remote control. Please consult your audiologist, health care provider, or caregiver if you aren’t sure how to access the telecoil setting. If your hearing aid does not come equipped with the “T” setting, you can use a radio-based receiver pack with an ear piece. These are available to borrow from the church library.

The Sanctuary’s hearing loop is always “on” and available for worship services and other events such as weddings and funerals. The loop works only for those seated in the Sanctuary’s main space; the signal does not reach the balcony. Those who prefer to sit in the balcony may request an FM radio-based receiver pack with earphones.

For questions regarding Fourth’s assistive listening system, please email Communications Director Don Nalle at