Weather Policy

When will Fourth close because of weather?

Sunday morning worship services will go on as scheduled. It might be scaled back but God will be worshiped as we are able. As we have pastors within walking distance, they can welcome and lead whoever can make it.
Weekday programs for children, students, and adults follow Montgomery County Public Schools. Programs will be canceled if:
  • Public schools are closed due to weather,
  • Public schools are delayed (for programs during the day),
  • Public schools cancel after-school and evening activities (for programs during the evening).

We will make every effort to use all means of communication (e-mail, web, Facebook, voicemail) to get the word out about specific programs. If you have any questions, please call.

The church building, ministry offices, and other activities will follow the Federal Government weather announcements.  If it is closed, the church offices will also be closed and other activities will be canceled. We will also recognize delayed openings if called. Information will also be posted to our Facebook page. Please “friend” us if you have not already,  To subscribe to our Special Announcements listserv, send an e-mail to Even if the building is open or the program is running, we encourage you to use wisdom. If the conditions seem too hazardous, please do not make the trip.