“He will tend his flock like a shepherd; he will gather the lambs in his arms; he will carry them in his bosom.” (Isaiah 40:11)

Fourth Presbyterian Church is a metropolitan congregation in the nation’s capital. Our congregation gathers together to worship God, traveling from sprawling regions across Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. To ensure that everyone is known and cared for, we have divided the map into regional areas called “parishes.”

Each of our five parishes is shepherded by ruling elders and led by a parish council. The desire of our elders is to serve as undershepherds of the Good Shepherd who knows and cares for his own (Psalm 23; John 10; 1 Peter 5). Parish councils work alongside these elders to coordinate congregational life within the parish.

To help explain the intention behind the new parish plan, Dr. Smedley wrote an article in the Fall 2017 issue of Fourth Press. Click here to read that article.

Parish Elders

Elders of Parish 1 – Lower Montgomery County & DC

Tim Greszler Jeff Hearle Steve Liston
Bob Reiter Doug Smoot Chris Thatch
Singh Bajwa John Hocker Anson Keller
Robin King Jeff Mascott Newlin Morgan
Tim Perrin Ted Voorhees Gene Dewey

Elders of Parish 2 – Upper Montgomery County

Greg Glenn Zack Koutsandreas John Ritterpusch
Ken Sisco Ken Wormald Charles Brady
Dick Lambert Doug Greenwold Phil Fanara

Elders of Parish 3 – Mid Montgomery County

Don Evans Doug Gilbert Jimmy Nerantzis
Jacob Peterson John Sillin Lew Bachman
Jorge Bertran Skip Gnehm Parker Griffin
Tim Horst Paul Kokulis Bob Langston
Mike Looney Dave McElroy Paul McLendon
Sid Menkis Marlin Peterson Rich Tucker
Marty West Bob White Richard Wyatt

Elders of Parish 4 – Eastern Montgomery County

Peter Beukema Joe Fisher Doug Noll
Doug Nyhus Steve Blackistone Tom Dolch
Arnie Ensfield Carey Hoobler Bert Johnson
Paul Kiingi Sterling Mehring Doug Scott
Greg Waldo Howard Wetzell

Elders of Parish 5 – Virginia

Ralph Miller Todd Ramsey Dirk Rankin
Larry Huff Mal Tanigawa Dave Shoultz
David Van Duzer John Boland Tim Donner
Terry Eastland Bob Flores Bob Giles
Dennis Hogge Bob Klassen Bob Phillips
Dave Smith Bob Stadelhofer Mike Strauss
Kent Talbert Eric Vendt John Willieme
Carl Wylie    

For more information about parishes, please contact Rev. Tommy Myrick.