Where’s My Livestream?

photo of livestream video switcher with chancel in the background

New Systems Come with Kinks

One of the challenges of moving back into the Sanctuary is working out the kinks with a number of new systems, including the audio-visual systems. We knew up front that we might not get hands on the new equipment until a day or two before reopening and that proved to be the case. When we did, we encountered technical challenges and the concomitant learning curve. Both are reflected in the poor livestream experience these last two Sundays. My sincere apologies for the inconvenience and disappointment.

If you missed them, the May 14 and May 21 services are available on Fourth’s YouTube Channel and on this site under Resources. And please know that we are working with the contractors to get everything fully operational; we trust that we’ll have things ironed out for this coming Sunday, May 28.

Options for Watching

Here are some things to keep in mind depending on the device you are using:

  • In cases where there are technical difficulties or delays, we will post a recording of the service (identical to the livestream) as soon as possible to the livestream page.
  • Do you watch via TV or computer?
    • If you have a smart TV, you can watch via the YouTube app and subscribe to Fourth’s YouTube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/@FourthPresbyterianChurch
    • If you watch on computer, we recommend that you bookmark the YouTube channel page and subscribe so that you receive notifications. Using the channel page to access the stream has the advantage of allowing you to see and access the livestream as soon as it comes online (especially in cases where there are technical problems or delays).
  • Know someone who has no computer, no internet?
    • Please let them know they can dial 855-217-0187 to listen by “phone livestreaming.” The system will announce whether a livestream is in progress, and if so, connect you. If not, the system will prompt you to listen to the latest Sunday morning services. You may call the phone livestreaming system any time, day or night.
Again, by God’s grace, I trust we will be in good shape this coming Sunday and get back into our normal, more reliable flow. Thank you again for your patience.



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