G2G (Generation to Generation)

Who We Are

Generation to Generation (G2G) is a Christ-centered ministry that seeks to glorify God as women study and apply His Word in community with women of all generations.  G2G meets Wednesday mornings and evening during Fourth Night.


Wednesdays, 9:30-11:30 am at Fourth in Room 130 with a children’s program, G3 (Generation 3), offered.

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2017-2018 Sessions

Join us for twenty-nine Wednesday mornings, beginning September 13, where together we will delve into God’s Word using three fabulous guides …

 FALL Session  – Romans

(series: Knowing the Bible by Crossway)

The book of Romans was Paul’s greatest literary achievement, a majestic letter in which the apostle explains crucial doctrines such as original sin, election, substitutionary atonement, the role of the law, and justification by faith alone.  Plumbing the theological depths, this guide explains the biblical text with clarity and passion—helping us to follow along as Paul recounts the history of salvation and illuminates the glories of the death and resurrection of Christ.

WINTER Session  – Living in the Gap Between Promise and Reality – The Gospel According to Abraham

(series: The Gospel According to The Old Testament)

God made Abraham glorious promises, but the patriarch still spent years living in a gap between their fulfillment and his day-to-day reality. We can often relate to him. Working through the Genesis account, Iain Duguid shows how Abraham, in both his faith and failure, points to Jesus and the gospel, providing an example and a profound encouragement for us today.
 SPRING Session – The Blessing of Humility (Jerry Bridges)

We all admire humility when we see it. But how do we practice it? How does humility―the foundational virtue of the normal Christian life―become a normal part of our everyday lives?
Jerry Bridges sees in the Beatitudes a series of blessings from Jesus, a pattern for humility in action. Starting with poverty in spirit―an acknowledgment that in and of ourselves we are incapable of living holy lives pleasing to God―and proceeding through our mourning over personal sin, our hunger and thirst for righteousness, our experience of persecutions large and small, and more, we discover that humility is itself a blessing: At every turn, God is present to us, giving grace to the humble and lifting us up to blessing.

G3 (Third Generation)

Contact: Carol Myers.
A coordinated children’s program with a Nursery for the youngest, a Bible study for Preschoolers, and a supervised classroom for homeschoolers. Each week, the older children will take a look at the same story as their moms, which will include crafts, songs, and other reinforcement activities. A Mommies’ Memo will be distributed each week.

Homeschoolers whose families are members or regular attendees of Fourth are welcome to join us on Wednesday mornings at G3. Unfortunately, due to limited resources, we are unable to open registration to homeschooled children of families who attend other churches.


Registration for G2G participants attending our Wednesday mornings,  including curriculum packet with three books: $50.00.
Registration for each child, infants through homeschoolers, attending **G3 for the entire year: $75.

Registration for the Fourth Night Women’s Bible Study participants includes the curriculum packet with two books: $20.
(There is no fee for the children on Wednesday nights. The nursery is available.)

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Registration for the G3 Children’s Program must be made BEFORE August 1. You may pick up your books in Halverson Hall beginning August 13.

Please direct all questions to Jean Bronson, Women’s Ministry Director, by e-mail or call the Women’s Ministry Office: 301-320-360, x 275.

Ladies, invite your friends to join us for Bible study, small group discussion, and teaching.