Summer Youth Mission Trips

By Susan Kemp / August 15, 2023

This summer, Fourth’s Youth Ministry sent two groups to communities in need: rising seniors traveled to Puerto Rico to upgrade a Christian school and rising 8th graders served inner city…

Midweek Update: A Devotional on Prayer

By Dr. Todd Smedley / November 11, 2020

We have a God who is unlike any other god, who is near to us and available whenever we call on him.

Midweek Update: A Devotional for Election Week

By Dr. Todd Smedley / November 3, 2020

During this election week, Dr. Todd Smedley reminds us that Christ our King, the Lord of Glory, is on his throne, ruling and reigning, and nothing happens outside of his will or power.

Midweek Update: Music Ministry During the Pandemic

By Dr. Todd Smedley / October 28, 2020

Dr. Todd Smedley talks to Fourth’s Music Director, Ted Bickish, about Fourth’s Music Ministry during the pandemic and our evolving plans for the Advent season.

Midweek Update: Sunday Services

By Dr. Todd Smedley / October 21, 2020

Dr. Todd Smedley talks to Rev. Corey Gray about our plans for Sunday services as we approach the winter months.

Midweek Update: Ordination

By Dr. Todd Smedley / October 6, 2020

Dr. Todd Smedley talks to David Frerichs about ordination—the meaning, purpose, and process.

Midweek Devotional & Update: The Love of Jesus

By Dr. Todd Smedley / September 30, 2020

1 John 4:10 tells us “in this is love, not that we have loved God but that he loved us and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins.”

Midweek Update: Introducing Pastoral Intern Sam Eligwe

By Dr. Todd Smedley / September 23, 2020

Dr. Todd Smedley introduces Pastoral Intern Sam Eligwe and a list of Resources on Racial Reconciliation.

Midweek Update: Nominating Church Leaders

By Dr. Todd Smedley / September 16, 2020

Dr. Todd Smedley interviews Steve Liston and Ted Smith, Chair and Vice-Chair of the Nominating Committee, respectively.

Midweek Update: Community Groups

By Rev. Thomas Myrick / September 9, 2020

Rev. Thomas Myrick and Fourth member Dennis Goo discuss small group life as we enter a new semester of Community Groups.

Midweek Update: Sunday Services Survey Results

By Dr. Todd Smedley / September 2, 2020

As promised, today’s video includes the results of the Sunday Services Survey. Thank you to everyone, over 550 of you, who filled it out and provided some great feedback.

Midweek Update: Trust in the Lord

By Dr. Todd Smedley / August 26, 2020

The greatest obstacle to trust is fear. May you trust in the Lord and delight in him this day.