What Is "Summer Staff"?

"Summer Staff" is our name for the Youth Ministry's summer internship program. Each year, 14 college-age young adults commit to serving God by ministering to a specific grade (6-12th) within Fourth Church, located in the Washington, D.C. metro area. There is also one Summer Staff internship serving the College Ministry. Applicants must be at least in the freshman year of college (or be age equivalent) to qualify.  Decisions on applicants are based upon the completed application, references, and interviews with full-time staff. A limited number of Summer Staff positions are available each year and not all who apply will receive a position.

Summer Staff Weekly Schedule

Schedule is subject to change

  • Morning Service
  • Lead Youth Sunday School
  • Attend College Sunday School
  • Evening Service with Students
  • Activities with Students
  • Quiet time
  • Event Planning
  • Communication time
  • Lunch
  • Summer Camp Planning
  • Discipleship time
  • All Church Staff Meeting
  • Quiet time & Testimony Time
  • Department time
  • Workspace/Office Time
  • Lunch
  • Discipleship Time with Students
  • Bible Study Planning
  • Quiet Time
  • Training
  • Communication Time
  • Lunch
  • Bible Study Planning
  • Discipleship Time
  • Bible Study with Students
  • Quiet Time
  • Prayer Groups
  • Colloquium – Members of Fourth Share
  • Lunch
  • Bible Study Planning
  • Camp Planning
  • Discipleship Time
  • Rock Prep
  • Middle School Rock Event

Day off OR Event/Activity

Event/Activity OR Day off


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Noel Bradley

Administrative Assistant

301-320-3600 x 234

Genna Repich

High School Coordinator

301-320-3600 x 231

Jesse Ritterpusch

High School Coordinator

301-320-3600 x 210

Clay Stevens

Middle School Coordinator

301-320-3600 x 215

Rob Henneberg

Director of Youth and College

301-320-3600 x 213