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Fall Pastor’s Classes (online) | September 6–December 6, 2020

Each week, small groups will engage in online discussions based on home study questions prepared in advance. Groups meet on various days/times. There is also an option to register for independent study.

Dr. Norris will record weekly lectures to be posted on the website no later than the prior Friday. Weekly emails with direct links to the lecture will be sent to each registered class member. Online registration is required. Please note that only those who register online will receive these emails.

Pastor's Class—Galatians

Paul’s letter to the Galatians outlines God’s grace and affirms his sovereignty, tracing his purposes in the proclamation of the gospel—the good news of justification by faith in a crucified and risen Savior. The burden of Paul's life was to proclaim this good news with clarity and definition to all peoples everywhere.

Optional commentary: Galatians (Tyndale New Testament Commentaries) by R. Alan Cole (available from online vendors such as, and


Pastor's Class—Joshua

Under the leadership of Moses, the Lord redeemed his people out of slavery in Egypt and formalized his covenantal love for them at Sinai. Now under the leadership of Joshua, the Lord brings his people into the Land of Promise and gives them rest—the fulfillment of his promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Such an account would have been relevant to ancient Israel and to every generation of God’s people to the present day.

Optional commentary: Joshua: No Falling Words (Focus on the Bible) by Dale Ralph Davis (available from online vendors such as, and



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