While We Are Unable to Gather at Church

Dr. Norris will be recording lectures for both the 9:30 (Joshua) and 11:00 (Matthew 12-28) classes. Audio will be available online no later than the preceding Thursday and can be accessed at 4thpres.org/resources. Table hosts have instructions to utilize a free conferencing tool for online table discussions. Class members may contact their table host for more information.

The Adult Discipleship ministry seeks to offer resources and fellowship opportunities necessary for Christian maturity, instill a deep love for God’s Word, and provide a foundational understanding of the essentials of Christian doctrine. Contact: Kathy Lofberg klofberg@4thpres.org.

Spring 2020 Classes Offered at 9:30 a.m.

Spring 2020 Classes Offered at 11:00 a.m.


Dr. Robert Norris

Teaching Pastor

301-320-3600 x 265

Kathy Lofberg

Administrative Assistant

301-320-3600 x 265