Fourth Family Huddles

Fourth Family Huddles are weekly readings that create an opportunity for families to gather and discuss the Bible. Recent Huddles have looked at the events of Holy Week and six of the appearances of the Risen Savior to his followers. Now, we’re continuing into the book of Acts where we’ll see the beginning of God’s church as the gospel spreads.

Along with the Huddles you’ll find coloring sheets and other activities to complement the Bible story.

We pray that especially during these challenging times, Fourth Family Huddles will offer a weekly place of solace as your family gathers around the Bible together.

First Catechism

Elementary Sunday School classes and Children’s & Cherub Church have been learning The First Catechism. This is a wonderful way to help children understand God’s character and theological truths. We encourage parents to review the questions and answers at home using the following resources.

Ask Me Whooo  |  The First Catechism is set to music, word for word, making it accessible to children and the whole family.  Purchase online from or visit Amazon to listen and/or purchase in mp3 format.

First Catechism To Go  |  Purchase the app from Great Commission Publications. Download on phones, tablets, or laptops as an easy way to learn and review the First Catechism in Q/A format.


During this time when we are unable to worship together, Keith and Kristyn Getty are leading a “live” family hymn sing with their young children every Tuesday at 8:15 p.m. EDT.  If you are unable to join live, the hymn sings are subsequently posted. More information and past hymn sings are available at