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Confirmation #: 10991757
Description: Taught by Robin King and Ken Talbert, this class is a weekly small group Zoom Bible study based on home study questions prepared in advance. Participants will engage in online small group discussions, followed by a live class lecture summarizing key events and relevant personal applications. Join us in this adventure as we journey through the New Testament! This class is open to all adults, regardless of age or Bible background. Email Gen2Rev@4thpres.org for more information.
Contact Name: Kathy Lofberg
Contact Number: 301-320-3600 Ext 265
Contact Email: klofberg@4thpres.org
Event Details: http://public.serviceu.com/calendar/EventDetails.asp?OrgKey=35248767-92e4-46a8-9f4d-0d8376dfc75f&EventID=10991757&OccID=452782504