Bible Reading Plans for 2021

man holding Bible with hand on chest

“I rejoice at Your word,
As one who finds great spoil.”
—Psalm 119:162 NASB

Everyday is an excellent day to renew our love for the Bible, but perhaps the start of a new year is an especially helpful time to begin reading through the Scripture anew. I’ve been personally helped by following a plan that guides me through the text in a systematic way while measuring progress and repetition along the way. Below are several different Bible reading plans. Each is freely offered for your immediate use. Try one for a month, and let me know what you think!

Robert Murray M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan – This plan takes readers through the Old Testament once, and the New Testament with Psalms twice by assigning four daily chapters from four separate genres of Scripture. It encourages readers to read the Scriptures widely, giving the grand sense of God’s one unified plan of redemption unfolding throughout the historical books, wisdom literature, prophets, gospels, and epistles. Some may choose to read two chapters with family members and two in private, or to read two chapters in the morning and two in the evening (published copies available).

One Year Bible Reading Plan – This plan takes readers straight through the Bible in one year by reading approximately three chapters each day.

The 5 Day Bible Reading Program – This plan covers entire biblical text once in the year, and offers readers the additional flexibility of only five scheduled reading days in the course of a week, reserving two unassigned days for catch-up or alternative study.

Chronological Bible Reading Plan – This plan has been designed to read through the Bible in the order that events occurred chronologically rather than reading books in the canonical order.

Tabletalk Magazine Bible Reading Plan – This plan pairs one Old Testament and one New Testament reading together every weekday and once on the weekend, allowing one day for catch-up each week.

Create-Your-Own Bible Reading Plan – This creative website allows you to create your own plan by changing the number of days and adding or removing various feature options. You can also download the passage assignments to your personal calendar of choice.

Tolle Lege!