Midweek Devotional and Update

Dear Church Family,

Here is my mid-week devotional along with a few church family announcements. Below my video you’ll find links to devotional articles by Rob and Tommy and a link to the full mid-week email. I hope these resources serve you during this time when we are unable to gather at church.


Devotional Articles

photo of stained glass window depicting Martin Rinkart
Faithful in Place
Reflections on Isaiah 12:4-6 and the life of Martin Rinkart. By Dr. Robert Norris.

Ever-Abiding Word?
Timely encouragement to help us stay tuned-in to Scripture as we navigate these extraordinary days. By Rev. Thomas Myrick.

Care & Prayer

Ready to Help

Deacons, elders, volunteers, youth, and staff members stand ready to help those negatively affected by the pandemic. Do you know of someone who needs prayers, grocery shopping, pharmacy pick-ups, encouraging notes, etc?
Call: 301-320-3600, x223 or x216

Congregational Prayer Online

Wednesday, April 1, 5:30-6:00 p.m.
Join our first church-wide online prayer time. Get familiar with Zoom video-conferencing ahead of time here. Then follow the Zoom link below or use the Meeting ID. We hope many people can take part as we turn to the Lord in prayer.
Zoom Meeting Link: https://zoom.us/j/800360843
Zoom Meeting ID: 800 360 843
Questions for church staff? Call: 301-320-3600, x216

Sunday Prayer Time

Sunday, 8:30-9:00 a.m
Pray during this regularly scheduled prayer time. Although we cannot gather in the Prayer Room, join in prayer as a church wherever you are.

Counseling Ministry

Counselors, Kevin Schick and Jessica Schick, are conducting sessions solely via video or phone.

Parish Elders

Would you like help contacting your parish elder?
Email: tmyrick@4thpres.org
Call: Pastor Tommy Myrick, 301-320-1322

All Fourth Church pastors are available and may be contacted at any time, 4thpres.org/leadership.

More Family News

For a full list of church family announcements, read our mid-week email.