Midweek Devotional and Update

I pray you will be edified by this devotional message in video format. Below it, you’ll find brief updates on care, prayer, resources, and weekly activities during this time when Fourth Church is unable to gather.

Care & Prayer


Deacon assistance can be arranged by contacting the duty deacons.
Call: 301-
320-3600, x223
Email: deacons@4thpres.org

Congregational Care

Do you need help shopping, or need someone to pray for you? Do you have a concern that would be eased with someone walking alongside?
Call: Charlotte FitzGerald, 301-320-1321

Would you like help contacting your parish elder?
Call: Pastor Tommy Myrick, 301-320-1322
Email: tmyrick@4thpres.org

All Fourth Church pastors are available and may be contacted at any time, 4thpres.org/leadership.

Congregational Prayer

Please pray during the regular prayer time, Sunday, 8:30-9:00 a.m. Although we cannot gather in the Prayer Room, please join in prayer as a church wherever you are.

Resources & Activities

Also Published Today

“Be Still and Know” — a meditation on Psalm 46:10 by Pastor Tommy Myrick.

Pastors Classes

Dr. Norris will be recording lectures for both 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. Pastors classes. Audio will be available online no later than the prior Thursday and can be accessed at 4thpres.org/resources or by link, which table leaders are asked to forward to their table members. 

Table hosts have instructions to utilize a free online conference call tool to allow virtual table discussions to continue until we are able to gather at church. Contact your table host for more information.

Sermons Online

Visit 4thpres.org/resources to discover treasures (1,778 of them) dating back to when Dick Halverson was pastor of Fourth.

Young Adult Ministry

College students are invited to participate in 9:30 a.m. Pastor’s class and the virtual discussion group. Please contact Seth Kreider (skreider@4thpres.org) if you would like to participate. 

Young Adult and Young Married Fellowship will have Sunday class digitally. Biweekly Bible studies will also continue in an online format. Look for communications from Dave Frerichs (dfrerichs@4thpres.org).

Youth Ministry

There are small group Bible studies by grade and gender on Wednesday nights at 7:00 p.m. (middle school will use Skype; high school will use Zoom/Google Duo). Youth leaders will reach out to kids to let them know how to connect. 

We will provide a Sunday school lesson for youth by sending a link via email to a private YouTube video each week. 




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