Latin America

Alan & Fabiola Gordon

Agency/Field: Global Outreach/Ecuador

Alan and Faby met in 1986 in Quito, Ecuador. Since 1992, they have served there as missionaries. Alan directs a Bible Institute with the Quichua Indians. Faby is leading workshops among rural churches to train Sunday school teachers. Working with a local seminary teaching Bible, theology, missions and worship, Alan has a vision for equipping Latin missionaries to serve in other countries. Fourth Church has been supporting them since 1984.

Meredith Omland

Agency/Field: Global Teams North America/Mexico

Meredith works alongside other leaders of a local church in Mexico, aiding in administrative as well as spiritual matters. She disciples youth and adults through Bible studies and classes and helps in raising up and training church leaders. In addition, she is in charge of an academic scholarship program which offers partial scholarships to faithful church youth who desire to continue to study. This year, with the help of other church members, she will resume holding weekly Kid;s Bible Clubs, a ministry which reaches out to the neighborhood children and teaches them about Jesus. Fourth Church has supported her in short-term and long-term assignments since 2002.

Ricci & Yolanda Paulino

Agency/Field: Harvest Foundation/Dominican Republic

Ricci is the liaison for Harvest in the Dominican Republic. They help Dominican Christian churches to grow as Jesus grew by training pastors and church leaders to grow first in a personal way and then to be involved in a see project working on behalf of the community the church belongs to. He also establishes partnerships between Dominican congregations and churches within the partnership that lasted 15 years and involved many people from both churches. Fourth Church has been supporting them since 2004, though our relationship with them began many years ago.

Xiomara Suarez

Agency/Field: Harvest/Venezuela

Xiomara’s outreach includes equipping pastors and lay leaders, overseeing a children’s ministry, and challenging congregations to adopt a Biblical worldview that recognizes that the Church is God’s means for providing spiritual transformation to communities and restoration of families. To combat poverty, she has introduced seed projects to congregations. In recent years, this has grown into a worldwide ministry as she has been asked to teach seminars in Mexico, Guyana, Brazil, the Philippines, and Hong Kong. Xiomara has been supported by Fourth Church since 1991.

Kelly & Tabo Valencia

Agency/Field: Campus Crusade for Christ/Argentina

Tabo and Kelly will begin a new role as city-wide campus directors for the strategic collegiate city of La Plata. They provide leadership for staff members working on campuses in outreach and discipleship during school terms and at summer conferences. They also lead new project efforts in small towns and villages that have not yet been reached with the Gospel, encouraging staff and students to reach out to their friends and families. Their long-term goal is to establish effective teams on university campuses in each province of Argentina. Kelly has been supported by Fourth Church since March of 2006. She married Tabo later that same year.