North America

R. H. (Swede) & Judy Anderson

Agency/Field: Embassy/Executive Ministries International/Campus Crusade for Christ / Eastern Europe

Swede and Judy have served with Campus Crusade for Christ reaching university students throughout the U.S. and Latin America. They directed the Christian Embassy in Washington and New York for fifteen years before launching EmbassyExcutive Ministries in Eastern Europe and Russia in 1990. Focusing on the capital cities they reached out with gospel presentations and discipleship for country leaders in politics, business, and the arts. They are continuing to be involved with training and support of this ministry from a base in the U.S. Fourth Church as been supporting them since 1989.

John & Sue Burch

Agency/Field: Mission to the World/Member Care

John and Sue have served in Austrailia and Puerto Rico planting churches and teaching and mentoring cross-culturally. As part of the Spiritual Life Department of MTW, they participate in the preparation of missionaries before they go to the field and providing pastoral care for them once they are serving overseas. This ministry includes caring for several MTW’s fields in the Asia Pacific area. They do this by visiting those teams at least once a year and keeping in touch by Skype, phone calls, and emails. They desire for missionaries to not just survive on the field, but thrive! Fourth Church has been supporting them since 1990.

Eugene & Diane Burrell

Agency/Field: The Navigators/African-American Entity/USA

Eugene serves as the national coordinator for African-American ministries with The Navigators, providing oversight for the entire U.S., with a focus on students, faculty, and staff at Howard University. Diane reaches out to women in the community through a counseling and prayer ministry. They are the parents of eight children (mostly grown), who are now presenting them with a growing number of grandchildren. They have been supported by Fourth Church since 1992. Learn more about what The Navigators do.

Nina Edwards

Agency/Field: Youth for Christ/ Denver Area

Nina serves in the Youth for Christ National office in Denver, Colorado. As the National Training Director she is responsible for the equipping of 1200 staff and 22,000 volunteers. YFC reaches out to middle and high students, especially unchurched kids who are far away from Jesus. Her role allows her to invest in their staff as they care for and share the Gospel with students. She grew up at Fourth, served on youth staff for many years and considers it her home still. Fourth Church has been supporting her since 1990.


Mike & Patti Garver

Agency/Field: International Foundation/USA

Mike ministers to Congressional staff with weekly Bible studies and individual mentoring; he also is responsible for working on the annual National Prayer Breakfast. Patti reaches out to the handicapped community and neighbors with the Gospel. Patti had a serious head injury in the ‘70s, resulting in a chronic debilitating seizure disorder. Their daughter, Audrey, has been severely handicapped in body and mind since birth, yet she loves the Lord with all her heart. God has used Audrey’s condition to open doors for Mike and Patti to show Christ’s love by example and by witness. They have been supported by Fourth Church since 1999.

Valerie Gladu

Agency/Field: InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA

Valerie works with students and staff on campuses throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region to develop truly multi-cultural/multi-ethnic communities centered on Jesus and committed to proclaiming the truth and grace of the gospel. To this end, she works primarily with four communities: Black Campus Ministries, Asian American Ministries, La Fe and our White students and staff. She assists staff and student communities in developing gospel centered strategies to develop diverse missional communities that will promote transformed lives, renewed campuses and the development of world changers throughout the region. Valerie works with students and staff to understand their unique role in the advancement of the proclamation of the Kingdom as well as to equip them to work effectively in cross-cultural settings. Additionally, she speaks to mentors and provides training in both campus and staff settings. Fourth Church has been supporting her since 2010.

Sheila Hargreaves

Agency/Field: International Students Inc./USA

Sheila works with a Spanish-speaking congregation in Northern Virginia, with an evangelistic and Bible-study ministry to Hispanic women. A nurse, Sheila formerly worked at a missionary hospital in Quito, Ecuador. She has been supported by Fourth Church since 1980. Find out more about International Students, Inc.

Hiepson & Sean Kaysarn

Agency/Field: Cambodian Evangelical Church of the C&MA/USA

Hiepson and Sean emigrated to the U.S. from Cambodia in 1981. Two years later, they received Christ as Savior. Hiepson now pastors a Cambodian church in northern Virginia. Sean leads a Bible study for women and youth. They seek to help older Cambodians within the congregation who are struggling with English and new cultural patterns, to communicate their faith in a loving way to their children and grandchildren who were born and raised here, and vice versa! They have been supported by Fourth Church since 1990.

David & Kathy Lanham

Agency/Field: New Tribes Mission/West Africa& USA

For many years, the Lanhams lived in a remote village in West Africa, sharing the Gospel with people bound by animistic beliefs mixed with Islamic tradition. More recently, they lived in the capital city, providing hospitality at the mission guest house for missionaries and visitors, with Dave maintaining the property and Kathy taking on the extra duties of providing meals for those attending Bible Translation seminars. Dave also provided oversight for short-term teams. In addition to her hostess duties, Kathy took on the responsibility of prayer coordinator for the staff women’s conferences on the field. In the summer of 2009, they returned to the U.S. where they are newly assigned to member care, based at mission headquarters. Dave has been supported by Fourth Church since 1990. He married Kathy in September 1991. Find out more about New Tribes Mission.

Kenneth & Joyce Layton

Agency/Field: The Navigators International Ministry/USA

Ken and Joyce have spent many years working in Korea and on the campus of Penn State University with The Navigators, focusing on international students coming from over 100 countries. They conduct Bible studies for seekers as well as studies with believers. Sometimes they bring the two groups together for fellowship and special seminars. Ken also works as an assistant to the National Director of the International Student Ministry. They have been supported by Fourth Church since 1977. Find out more about The Navigators here.

Greg & Melinda Lyons

Agency/Field: Wycliffe Bible Translators/Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL)/USA

Greg and Melinda have worked for Wycliffe Bible Translators since 1982. They spent 17 years in Thailand doing computer support (Greg) and library and language learning support (Melinda). Now they work at SIL International headquarters where Melinda is prayer coordinator for the Asia and Pacific teams, and also assigns three-letter codes to newly identified languages. Fourth has been supporting them since 1983.

Bob & Sharon Mathieu

Agency/Field: InFaith/D.C. Christian Ministries [inner city]

The Mathieus have lived and ministered in Southeast Washington for over 40 years. They established a church, Anacostia Gospel Chapel, as well as Camp Dynamite, a camp ministry for inner city children. Urban Servants is a repair ministry for the homes of senior citizens. The Teachers’ Resource Center ministers to teachers at 14 local schools. All their ministries have a strong evangelistic focus. Because of their love, they are deeply appreciated in the community and have received numerous awards for their work. They have been supported by Fourth Church since 1977.

Joe & Jill McCarthy

Agency/Field: Wycliffe Bible Translators/Papua New Guinea & USA

After several terms of Bible translation and literacy work in a remote jungle village among the Notsi people of New Ireland Island, Joe and Jill spent a term at the field headquarters in Ukarumpa where Joe was Academic Training Coordinator for nationals who serve as mother-tongue translators. They are currently assigned to the U.S. office of Wycliffe Bible Translators. They have been supported by Fourth Church since 1991. Learn more about Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Don & Mary Jo McCurry

A well-loved and highly regarded author and speaker with many years of field experience in closed countries, Don has spent 40 years training others how to be soul winners in the Muslim world. Don is currently based in the U.S. but travels extensively here and overseas teaching ex-patriot and national missionaries and believers, working with Muslim converts and refugees, as well as writing books. Fourth Church has been supporting them since 1981.

John & Susan Robinson

Agency/Field: The Navigators/USA

John is called to develop leaders and teams for generations of value. Susan is his delightful partner who brings strengths in faith, vision, intuition, and fun. After leading local, area, state, and regional teams, John is now focused on the cities of Raleigh and Durham. His goal is to lead and empower a team to launch workplace ministry in the Triangle. Fourth has supported them since 1981.

Larry & Lisa Roettger

Agency/Field: Wycliffe Bible Translators/Africa

Larry and Lisa serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Although their current base of operation is in the U.S., Larry makes several trips each year to Nigeria to train and consult with Nigerian Bible translators. Larry also is working on a simplified commentary on 1 Corinthians. This is one of a series of books called Translator’s Notes that are used by national translators around the world. Fourth Church has been supporting them since 1979.

Diana Schick

Agency/Field: Creative Living International/USA

In the spring of 1981, Diana decided to go into full-time Christian work. Her work with the Embassy and Executive Ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ prepared her in evangelism. She saw the need for growth among new believers through the study of God’s Word. Creative Living International was birthed at that time, a ministry that spread across the United States and around the world with weekly in-depth Bible studies. Diana has written and published 28 Bible studies, some of which have been translated into Russian, Urdu, Chinese and Spanish. The study on John is being translated into Farsi. The studies are available on the Internet to people on the mission field and in prisons in the U.S. with an amazing response. Diana has been supported by Fourth Church since 1986.

Rob & Lois Thar

Agency/Field: Wycliffe Bible Translators/SIL/USA & Africa

Because their boys are on the threshold of adulthood, Rob and Lois need to be in the States for the next 2-3 years starting in 2015. After that, they would like to go back overseas but do not yet have an assignment. While here, Rob is working 50% for the SIL office in D.C., doing Government Relations for SIL, and 50% still coordinating Scripture Engagement activities for Africa Area. Lois will be working as well. They plan to stay in the D.C. area and are involve din various ministries at Fourth Church. Fourth Church has been supporting them since 1985.

Marion Watford

Agency/Field: Triple C Ministries/North Carolina

Marion is vice-president of a ministry in North Carolina which includes a Bible camp, Bible college, and evangelistic community outreach programs. She is a faculty member, works in the office, is head cook for the camp from its inception (1973present), and assists with the other ministry activities. She oversees the nursing home and assisted living ministry giving leadership int he area of devotions. The ministry strives to provide educational, recreational, religious, and social services that promote the gospel, establish moral values, and produce positive citizens that can train others to do the same. Fourth Church has been supporting Marion since 1980.