Romanian Christian Enterprises

To learn more about Romanian Christian Enterprises (RCE), please visit their website and watch this video.

Bocsa_ RCE family

Making Mercy Happen – 25 years

Join us on Friday, October 20th, 7–9 pm in the Upper Room in celebration of 25 years of Making Mercy Happen in Romania! Romanian Christian Enterprises welcomes special guests Carmen and Mimi Bocsa and one of our newest Love House families, the Balogs. Hear stories from Yoyo and Bob, friends in Darius House and now brothers in the Balog family. RSVP online .




Current RCE Programs

Darius House(s)

The first of three recuperative group homes opened in 2000 with the help of Fourth Presbyterian Church (MD), since then 21 of these disabled children have been placed in families through RCE’s domestic adoption agency. Click here to learn more about Darius House.

Sunshine School

Opened in 2003 with the support of Fourth Church. Dedicated professionals from the congregation continue to travel to Romania in support of the physical therapy and special educational programs at Sunshine School. Click here for more information.

Amy’s House

Amy was the beautiful 12-year-old daughter of Mike and Hannah Boyle, members of Fourth, who bravely battled a brain tumor for 1½ years before it ended her earthly life on June 3, 2008. Amy’s House is named after her in memory of her simple trust in Jesus Christ and her enduring courage.

Amy’s suffering was profound, but Amy was never alone in her suffering. Her family, her pastor, and a multitude of God’s people helped bear the burden during her illness.  But who is there to lift the burden of an abandoned young boy losing his eyesight? Or comfort the orphan who cannot speak or walk? Who will answer the questions of suffering and loss? Like Amy, the Darius House and Amy’s House children struggle with fragile, broken bodies and minds and they too need the help of God’s people to overcome, as she did, in the midst of terrible suffering. Amy’s House will provide that comfort – a future and a hope! Click here for more information.

Opened in 2010 to provide a family environment for Darius House teens to help them transition to independent life.  House-parents will nurture them in the Lord and provide training in life skills – how to cook, clean, shop on their own. Click here to learn more about Amy’s House.

  • RCE’s Job Center (2011) Provides work experience and transferable job skills, including contract work from businesses in the city, a small bakery, and flower shop & garden.
  • RCE’s partnership churches will welcome Amy’s House graduates (at 18) into their congregations and provide limited support for life as needed.