Partnership: Romanian Christian Enterprises/Amy’s House

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David & Erin Frerichs

Agency/Field: Great Commandments Ministries/Romania

Dave and Erin serve in Iasi, Romania, where they share the message of the Bible with the thousands of internationals who live and study in their city. Most of these internationals study at a large medical school which offers courses in English, French and Romanian. The English and French programs draw students from all over the world (around 60 countries are currently represented). Their goal is that every international in the city of Iasi would have the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel of Christ. Fourth Church has been supporting them since 2007.

Stephen and Charlotte Olson

Agency/Field: BEE World/Austria

Stephen and Charlotte serve with BEE World (Biblical Education by Extension World) and are based in the Vienna, Austria area. BEE World is a ministry primarily designed to serve the church by providing good biblical education to pastors and lay leaders in difficult areas of the world where minimal or no biblical training is available. Stephen travels extensively; providing assistance in the development of ministries in different countries and serving as a facilitator of the BEE courses. Charlotte is using her counseling training among the Austrian and international communities.

Jean-Pierre & Sandrine Mihaljevic

Agency/Field: Athletes in Action/France

Jean-Pierre has developed a sports ministry of evangelism and discipleship. The aim is for people who love sports to be transformed by God’s love and to become witnesses and athletes for Christ, using their lives and sportsmanship as a means of reaching others. They are also encouraging and helping churches to use sports as a means of evangelism. Fourth Church as been supporting them since 2015.

Anna Nedelcu

Agency/Field: Great Commandments Ministries/Romania

Anna works with Ecclesia International, an English speaking church focused on serving the international community located in Iasi, Romania. She seeks to share Jesus with medical students from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Many of these students will be returning to unreached countries after they graduate. Fourth Church has been supporting her since 2013.

Dan & Nancy Painter

Agency/Field: ICC/Eurasia, France

Dan and Nancy have planted five new churches in France and assist the broader European international church community through an organization called International Christian Community (ICC). For more than a century the state of “Christian Europe” has been in steady decline. Into this environment have come increasing numbers of international residents—students, workers in business and government—from diverse cultures, but English speaking. It is the goal of ICC/Eurasia to plant new churches, strengthen indigenous churches, create a network for inter-church support, and provide training for leadership development. They have been supported by Fourth Church since 1998.

Gyorgy & Timea Suhai

Agency/Field: Presbyterian Mission International/Hungary

Gyorgi’s primary focus is in a holistic ministry among the Roma people in Hungary including training and equipping Christian leaders and missions workers through mentoring, Bible training, discipleship, and sonship training. Timea is involved in mentoring and teaching womenand children. She is pursuing a master’s degree in counseling. They have a baby boy. Fourth has been supporting them since 2009.