Partnership: Project Sudan

Fourth’s aim is to partner with church leaders in Southern Sudan for the promotion of the gospel of Christ. Our focus is to present advanced theological education for Sudanese church leaders who are in need of such education. We also plan to provide select humanitarian and development services to needy Sudanese civilians in designated target areas. Find out more about Project Sudan.

Bob & Esther Genheimer

Agency/Field: Lesedi Christian Bookstore/Botswana

Bob and Esther minister through a Bible bookstore and their local church, which is struggling to break free from the animistic religious practices that dominate their community. Except for God’s protection and sovereignty, the Enemy would quench the body of Christ among that people group. Pray that God’s Word would bear fruit and that believers would have the courage to follow Christ’s teachings in every area of their lives. Bob is the son of our missionaries, Don and Eileen Genheimer (now retired). Bob and Esther have been supported by Fourth Church since 1987.

Rob & Lois Thar

Agency/Field: Wycliffe Bible Translators/SIL/USA & Africa

Because their boys are on the threshold of adulthood, Rob and Lois need to be in the States for the next 2-3 years starting in 2015. After that, they would like to go back overseas but do not yet have an assignment. While here, Rob is working 50% for the SIL office in D. C., doing Government Relations for SIL, and 50% still coordinating Scripture Engagement activities for Africa Area. Lois will be working as well. They plan to stay in the D.C. area and are involved in various ministries at Fourth. Fourth Church has been supporting them since 1985.