Fourth’s commitment to outreach is more than just being committed in word and prayer. We are dedicated to getting out into the world through teaching, praying and taking the Word and love of God to all God’s people.

Local Outreach focuses on reaching into our community and provide a welcoming environment in which to learn about God’s Word.


Urban Ministries focuses on partnering with ministries in the Washington, D.C. area. Our aim is, through God’s grace, to transform individuals and communities through ministry of the Word and personal service.

Global Missions focuses on Fourth’s commitment to take the Church into the World. As a congregation we are blessed to have many men and women faithfully serving Christ in countries around the world. Please pray for them, their safety, and their work as they reach out to the world through God’s Word.

For information specific to our partnership with Romanian Christian Enterprises, click here.

For information specific to our Project Sudan, click here.

For further information about any of our Outreach projects, or to jump in to get involved, contact Melody Istrati, Director of Outreach and Missions.