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Welcome to our membership page. Here you are able to access password protected documents that are only available to our members & friends.

Please select what you desire to do from the list below:


Launch on-line directory  (Password & ID needed)

(This ID/PW is NOT the same as what you use to register for an event. Your ID is your Fourth database number.  Contact Sandy Long if you don’t know what it is.  )

Registering for an upcoming event?

(Be aware that the  event registration links go through an online merchant account, requiring a separate ID/PW that you set up. )


Have you been missing information from Fourth? We are relying more on electronic communications and want to make sure you don’t miss any Fourth news. All members, 18 and over, will automatically receive Rev. Corey Gray’s monthly email newsletter if we have your email on file. Members will also receive periodic electronic updates from the Men’s and Women’s ministries and special Fourth announcements.

In the racks located around the church, the Media Center, and the Welcome Center, you can also find information in our brochures, fliers, and Fourth Press newsletter.

To get ongoing information, you can subscribe to the following email lists:

Adult Discipleship News—as needed
Childrens Ministry—as needed
College and Young Adults—as needed
Congregational Prayer—weekly
Fourth Church News from Rev. Corey Gray—monthly
Fourth Night Updates—weekly
Funeral and Death Announcements—as needed
High School Announcements—weekly
Mens Ministry—quarterly
Middle School Announcements—weekly
Missions and Outreach—quarterly
Special Announcements—as needed
Womens Ministry—quarterly
Young at Heart—as needed
Young Married Fellowship—as needed

We encourage all who attend Fourth to subscribe to these lists. Please note that you may opt out at any time by clicking the SafeUnsubscribe at the bottom of the emails.

The weekly announcements in this bulletin insert can be found online at You can access our Fourth Press newsletter at

Find our emergency information:

on our website at
on Facebook at
by calling 301-320-3600

Verizon recently stopped their email service. If you have a Verizon account, please send us your updated information.

To ensure you receive information from Fourth promptly, be sure we have your updated home and email addresses. Contact Sandy Long for all updates and to subscribe to any of the above lists at, 301-320-3600, x 248.