Community Groups

Fourth Church is a regional congregation spreading across Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. In an effort to shepherd all of the church better, our large congregation has been divided into five regional parishes according to where families reside. Within each of these parishes are community groups where brothers and sisters in Christ gather week by week to share rich fellowship in Christ.

At a community group meeting, attendees will discuss the sermon preached on the previous Sunday morning. Concern is focused to apply the sermon text both to our individual lives and to our lives as a corporate church community.  Following the conversation, prayer is shared for one another’s needs.

Meeting times and frequency varies from group to group. So look below to find a group that meets near you and use the “Click to Join” link to email the group leader for more information.

Weekly discussions guides may be downloaded here.

Parish One

Lower Montgomery County & D.C.

Mascott Community Group in Somerset Fridays, 6:30 pm Click to join
Voorhees Community Group in Chevy Chase Thursdays, 7 pm Click to join
Curtis Community Group in Bethesda Mondays, 6:30 pm      Click to join
Thatch  Community Group in Bethesda Sundays, 4 pm Click to join

Parish Two

Upper Montgomery County

West Community Group in King Farm Tuesdays, 7:30 pm Click to join
Jones Community Group in Laytonsville Thursdays, 7pm Click to join
Lambert Community Group in Montgomery Village Click to join

Parish Three

Mid-Montgomery County

Wyatt Community Group in North Bethesda Sundays, 1 pm Click to join
Biddison Community Group in Rockville Mondays, 6:30 pm Click to join
Treseler Community Group in Rockville Tuesdays, 6 pm Click to join
Bronson  Community Group in Rockville Fridays, 7:30 pm Click to join
Looney Community Group in Potomac Mondays, 7 pm Click to join

Parish Four

Eastern Montgomery County

Kensington Community Group Mondays, 6:30 pm Click to join
Silver Spring Community Group Mondays, 6:30 pm Click to join
Ensfield Community Group in Riderwood Thursdays, 5 pm Click to join
Thar Community Group in Silver Spring Click to join

Parish Five


Vendt  Community Group in Falls Church Sundays, 1 pm Click to join
Huff Community Group in Loudoun County Thursdays, 7 pm Click to join
Kiess Community Group in McLean Fridays, 7:30 pm Click to join
Boland Community Group in Vienna Sundays, 1:30 pm Click to join

For more information or for help, please contact Rev. Thomas Myrick.