Sunday Activities and Classes


8:00, 9:30, 11:00 am and 6:00 pm: Childcare Nursery-Kindergarten
9:30, 11:00 am: Classes for 2s-5th Grade
11:00 am: Musical programs for 1st-5th Grade
11:30 am: Children’s Church for grades K-3rd

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Sunday School Curriculum:

Twos and Threes

Introduction to the basics—the Bible is God’s Word, God made and cares for each person, Jesus is God’s Son, and the church is a special place where one learns about Jesus.


Learn to understand experiences in their world through Bible lessons from both Testaments.


Become God’s detectives as they discover Jesus in both Old and New Testament stories

First Graders

Experience Paradise Pond, a study of God’s perfect character, based on The ABCs of God, designed to build a foundational theology.

Second Graders

Journey through Promise Land where they learn about God’s character from Faithful to His Promises, a curriculum that teaches God’s promises are true and reliable because He is trustworthy.

Third Graders

Follow the thread of redemptive history through a survey of the Old Testament.

Fourth Graders

Follow the thread of redemptive history through a survey of the New Testament

Fifth Graders

Continue to probe God’s plan to redeem His people as it unfolds in the history of Israel and the lives of the prophets from I Samuel through Malachi.

Children’s Church Curriculum

In Children’s Church at 11:30 am, grades K-3rd are invited to explore the liturgy, sacraments, creeds, and confessions of our church to prepare them for a lifetime of worship. Each week’s materials are based on the main sermon being preached that day.