“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” In some ways, Charles Dickens’ words can apply to years lived as a young adult.

We know that those years immediately after college or graduate school can be a very exciting time but also difficult. Washington D.C. is a place of power and possibilities that has unique problems and potential oddities.

The church is here to help. Biblically we know that the one who is in Christ is never alone but inseparably with Christ. Furthermore, as members of his church we have the blessing of one-another and may call upon each other for help.

One-on-one conversations are a key part of our ministry to young adults. We match interested  younger men and women who would like to be paired with more mature Christians in a mentoring relationship. Our ministry staff also meets with young adults throughout the week.

Contact Dave Frerichs to schedule a meeting or begin a conversation about mentoring.