Praying Together

Prayer is the foundation for all that we do. Please be praying for the women of our church: that we may continually know the Lord and understand the Gospel of grace more deeply. Pray that we will be transformed by the Holy Spirit more and more into His likeness and that we may, in turn, be vessels of His transformation of His world.

The following are opportunities to join together with the Body of Christ in prayer:


For several years, dozens of women have felt God’s call to pray for the women of Fourth. If you would like to commit to pray regularly for about twenty women in our church, let us know.
Contact:  Jamila Levi

Life-on-Life: Women Mentoring Women

God tells u in Titus 2 that the role of older Christian women is “to give instruction in wise behavior and good judgment” to younger Christian women. With that clear instruction from God’s Word in mind, Fourth is beginning “Life-on-Life,” a new mentoring program where two women meet once weekly for an hour to study Scripture together and share their lives.

If you would like someone a little older to speak into your life, let us know. If you think the Lord is calling you to encourage and equip a younger woman to live for His glory, let us know!

Contact:  Jean Bronson.