Men’s Fall Conference

2017: November 11 from 9 am – 2 pm.  Check back later for details.

2016: Studies from the Life of Joseph, “Resilient Men in Tough Times.”

This conference was led by Dr. Smedley and Dr. Norris on November 12, 2016.  Messages entitled When Brothers Turn on You, When Fortunes Turn, and The God Behind Life’s Turns were taught.  Those unable to attend the conference may contact Dr. Norris for handouts and outlines.

2014: Finding, Knowing and Doing the Will of God

Dr. Norris taught on issues concerning men’s relationship and responsibilities to Jesus Christ, to His Church, to their families and to the world around them.  The conference was split into three sessions

2013: Creating Discerning Christian Men

From John’s first letter, Rob examined the nature of Christian discernment.  Notes from each session can be found below.


For more information relating to any of our Men’s Ministry, please contact either Dr. Rob Norris.