Men’s Downtown Lunch

Let’s start a conversation. We have the opportunity as men working and worshipping in the nation’s capital to engage our Christian faith in the preeminent public square together. As we look forward to 2017, I invite you to the Men’s Downtown Lunch and to discuss, engage, listen, and fellowship with one another over lunch on the first Thursday of each month. See the schedule below for meeting dates and locations.

Schedule for 2017

Date Location
January 12 1957 E Street NW
February 2 1957 E Street NW
March 2 1957 E Street NW
April 6 1957 E Street NW
May 4  Blackfinn   1620 I St NW
June 1 No Meeting
July 6 Blackfinn   1620 I St NW
August 3 No Meeting
September 7 Blackfinn   1620 I St NW
October 5 Blackfinn   1620 I St NW
November 2 Blackfinn   1620 I St NW
December 7 Blackfinn   1620 I St NW

To join the email list or for more information about the Men’s Downtown Lunch contact Rev. Thomas Myrick.