College Class

Now more than ever, college students in the U.S. who identify as Christians appear to be unsure of what they believe and why. In fact, a recent Pew Research study indicates that younger millennials raised in the church are increasingly ignorant of the basic tenets of historic Christianity and generally unsure in their personal beliefs about God.

So where do you go to find answers to questions about God, the Christian Faith, and practicing the Christian life? Tragically the last place that many think to go is to the church. We believe the opposite. Fourth Presbyterian Church is a place where college students can ask honest questions. It’s a place and a people with whom to explore Christ and the Christian Faith.

2017 College Student Welcome Home Brunch

College Brunch Web HighlightWe look forward to welcoming home our college students at a brunch hosted in their honor!

Sunday, May 28th at 12:15pm in the Upper Room

Come kick-off Summer 2017 at a free brunch.  Reconnect with your friends, tell semester survival-stories, and enjoy a great breakfast. While you’re there, hear all about what’s going on this summer at Fourth Church.

We can’t wait to see you!


2017 College Class

College Class Web HighlightThe College Class also begins May 28th.

Join with us at 11:00am in Room 130.

Each Sunday there are more than 65 young men and women gathering in a class exclusively for college students. This summer the class will be taught by Andrew Menkis and will explore the essential character of God.

So come to the 9:30am worship service before class. Then, hang around after the 11:00 College Class and go out to lunch together.

For more information about the college ministry, contact Rev. Thomas Myrick.