Class Details

Adult Discipleship Sunday School Class Detail

June 11 – July 23

Fourth Speaks

9:30 and 11 am / Upper Room

A series of classes in which members of Fourth reflect on what Fourth Church has meant to them and the impact of their Christian faith on how they function in their workplace.

An Academic Speaks: Marti Carroll
 A Christian Counselor Speaks: Katie Chamberlin
A Foreign Service Officer Speaks:  Skip Gnehm
An Attorney Speaks:   Paul Kokulis
A Physician Speaks:  Ken Sisco
A Journalist Speaks:  Cal Thomas
A Christian Businessman Speaks: Ron Walton

Stories With a Sting

9:30 and 11 am / Upper Room
Taught by Ron Meyer and Rob Norris, we will examine some of the parables of Jesus as recorded in Luke.

June 11 Soil that Produces Growth Luke 8:1-15
June 18 Kingdom Priorities Luke 10:25-37
June 25 Kingdom Values Luke 14:7-24
July 2 The Lost Son Luke 15:11-32
July 9 A Cautionary Tale Luke 16:19-31
July 16 The Truly Wealthy Luke 18:9-14
July 23 Rejecting the Good Luke 20:9-19

Dr. Robert Norris, Teaching Pastor (301) 320-3600
Kathy Lofberg, Administrative Assistant (301) 320-3600, x 265