Adult Class Details – Spring 2018

January 7-May 13, 2018

(unless otherwise noted)

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9:30 Pastor’s Class: Isaiah 1-39

Robert Norris and Scott Redd / Upper Room

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The first 39 chapters of the prophecy of Isaiah record the ministry of the prophet against the background of the ever-present threat posed by the Assyrian Empire, culminating in God’s deliverance of the southern kingdom of Judah in the time of Hezekiah. The section concludes with a warning of the Babylonian exile and provides a link to the later chapters where the Lord intervenes to deliver his people and ultimately to the coming of Christ.

Confessing Christ – Heidelberg Catechism

Dirk Rankin and others / Room 131
This class studies the historical context and theological content of the Confessions of the Reformed Church. We will continue to  examine the history and teaching of the Heidelberg Catechism and subsequent years will deal with other confessional standards written from a Reformed perspective.

Leadership Training

(January 7 – February 25)
Ron Meyer and others / Room 130

This class is designed for all interested in Christian leadership particularly within the church, and is required for those nominated for church office. The class will include the biblical principles and practice of leadership, and what is necessary for any officer in this church to know.

11:00 am Classes

11:00 Pastor’s Class: Hebrews

Robert Norris and Chris Istrati / Upper Room
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This epistle was written in the form of a sermon to a Jewish Christian congregation thought to meet outside of Jerusalem. It includes a number of themes that are woven together, written to warn Jewish Christians against apostasy to Judaism and challenging them to embrace a world mission. Its purpose was also to announce the absolute character of Christianity to Gentile Christians and to counteract the early heresies of the first century.

Bible Overview – New Testament

Robin King and Kent Talbert  /  Chapel
We will examine the major themes of the New Testament, corresponding book names and many key scripture points that support them. 

Young Adult Class — Prophets in Challenging Times

David Frerichs and others / Room 131
We will continue to look at the ministries of Elijah, Elisha, and Isaiah, and will examine tough questions like, “why did God allow two bears to maul children for insulting Elisha?” We will see God’s prophets calling Israel and Judah to faithfulness and repentance, and will see the fulfillment of ancient covenant promises. The Young Adult Class is open to all post high school, undergraduates, post-baccalaureates, masters, or doctoral students, and interns living or working in the greater Washington Metropolitan area.

Young Married Fellowship: Pastoral Epistles

Ron Meyer, Zack Koutsandreas, and Sterling Mehring / Room 130
Encouraging married couples in their 20s and 30s to love God and each other, our fellowship includes Bible study, social activities, fellowship, and mentor couples. Email for more information.

New Members Class

(February 4 – April 8)
Ralph Miller / Room 102
The New Members Class is designed to introduce Fourth to you, and you to Fourth. The class serves to inform you on what it means to be a member of Fourth and, at the conclusion of the course, you have the opportunity to join the family of Fourth. Attendance is required for all who want to become members, whether by initial profession of faith in Jesus Christ or by letter of transfer from another church. There will be a dinner on Wednesday, April 11, when New Members will officially be welcomed into membership. Contact Ralph  Miller with questions.

Spiritual Foundations of Marriage

(March 18 – May 13)
Katie Chamberlin and others  /  Room 132

This class is open to all and is designed to outline and prepare for marriage. It deals with many areas of married life and is intended as a resource for couples who are engaged or contemplating marriage, or who are newly married and are seeking resources for married life. It is a required course for all those who are getting married at Fourth Church.

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For more information on the Adult Discipleship ministry, please contact:

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Kathy Lofberg. Adult Ministries Administrative Assistant