New Members Class

Interested in becoming a member of the family of Fourth?

Next Class:  September 24 – November 12 / 11 am

Pastors and Elders/Room 102

Do you have questions about what Fourth is all about as a church? We welcome you to our New Members class. There is no requirement to become a member after taking the class, but the class is necessary before you can become a member. The class is led by Pastors and Elders.

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Topics Covered Include:

What Is the Gospel?
What Is the Evangelical, Presbyterian and Reformed Church?
Navigating Fourth Church and tour
Christ-Centered Worship
Gospel-Shaped Community
Kingdom-Advancing Multiplication
Neighbor-Loving Service

There will be a Dinner/Reception on Wednesday, November 15 for the New Members to be welcoming into the membership. They will be presented to the congregation on November 19. For more information, email Ralph and Terri Miller at