A distinctive mark of Presbyterian Church: the governing by a plurality of ‘presbyters’ or ‘elders’. The elders have a pastoral responsibility for the care of individuals and a programmatic responsibility to administer the life of the church. There are two types: Teaching Elders (or Pastors) are called by the congregation & installed by the Presbytery. Ruling Elders are elected by the local congregation from among themselves [we have 24, 3-year term]. Together this ruling body is called the Session and meets monthly (Acts 14-15; 1 Timothy 5; Titus 1; James 5).

Teaching Elders

Rev. Corey Gray       Rev. Dr. Robert Norris
Rev. Ronald Meyer       Rev. Dr. Todd Smedley
Rev. Thomas Myrick       Rev. Robert Yancey

Ruling Elders

Class of 2018 Class of 2019      Class of 2020
Phil Fanara Don Evans Peter Beukema
Joe Fisher Tim Greszler Jeff Hearle
Doug Gilbert Doug Noll Zack Koutsandreas
Greg Glenn Jacob Peterson Steve Liston
Doug Nyhus Todd Ramsey Ralph Miller
Dirk Rankin* John Sillin Jimmy Nerantzis
Doug Smoot Ken Sisco Bob Reiter
Chris Thatch Ken Wormald John Ritterpusch

* Clerk of Session


Fourth Presbyterian Church has 34 Deacons. Elected by the congregation, Deacons come from all walks of life and all sorts of professions. You may not be aware of everything Fourth’s Board of Deacons does, and in some ways that is by design. The Board carries out its responsibilities behind the scenes, in strictest confidence. The Deacons Ministry is not supported by the church budget; every penny we spend is raised through generous quarterly offerings from the congregation. Each Deacon’s activity is bathed with prayer, always with trust that the beauty of Jesus will be evident in all of our contacts. For more information click here.

Class of 2018 Class of 2019 Class of 2020
    Cheryl Butz    Mary Andrich   Rebecca Fisher
    Mark De Ravin    Chris Bruce   Wyatt Hardiman
    Susan Fisher    James Caldwell   Elaine Hauschildt
    John Hoobler    Anthony Leegwater   Carol Jackson
    Steve Howe    Jamila Levi   Carol McClelland
    Romi Kobayashi    Richard Morris   Scott McClelland
    Arpad Korossy    Tom Rogers   Leanne McPherson
    Marie Le Duc    Joe Ann Stenstrom   A. J. Minite
    Asoka SiddiArachchige   Charlie Montague
    Lee Thorson   Mike Prather
    Phil Warker   Lowrie Reiter
  Linda Sillin
  Candace Steele
  Melissa Thatch


Class of 2018    Class of 2019  Class of 2020
     Ben Evans      Kim Gutschick Rachel Greszler
     David Mutryn      Michael Klitsch
     George Scola