There are three parking options:

Church Parking Lots

Please enter by the Upper or Lower lots on Ridgefield Road, observing all directional signs.  Exit using the lower parking lot exit. Take care not to park in entrances or other unmarked areas. Please observe all parking space signs. There are designated parking spaces for our visitors, Deacons, and handicapped.  Wheelchair and stroller accessibility is available through the lower Portico doors on the Ridgefield Road side of the building. This door is also closest to our the elevator for events in the Upper Room.

Surrounding Neighborhood

If you are visiting and decide to park within the adjacent neighborhood, please be aware not to block driveways or walkways. We encourage all our members to park in the Westwood Shopping Center.  Please observe all Montgomery County parking regulations listed below.

Parking is prohibited:

  • within 5 feet of any driveway, except with the consent of the owners or occupant.
  • within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.
  • within 20 feet of a crosswalk at an intersection.
  • within 30 feet approaching any stop sign.
  • within 20 feet of the Metrobus signs on River Road.
  • observe the “No Parking Sundays from 9 – 1” signs along Ridgefield and Kirkland Roads.

Westwood Shopping Center

For your convenience we have ample parking in this location.   Enter the Westwood Shopping Center opposite the bowling alley on Westbard Avenue.  Park in the area beyond the Rite Aid drugstore. Ride to church in a comfortable shuttle bus that runs to and from the church continually from 7:30 am through 1:00 pm. After church, board a bus at the curb on Ridgefield Road beyond the portico doors, returning to Westwood. Extra hours of operation are provided for some of our special events.


Stroller & Wheelchair accessibility available through the Sanctuary ramp doors (adjacent to the upper parking lot), the Covered Portico (drive through) and Lower Portico doors (both on the Ridgefield Road side of the building).  Elevators to the Upper Room are most easily accessible through the Lower Portico doors.

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